The SDI Divemaster Course is your first step into the role of dive professional, educator, and role model within our industry. If you’re looking to take this professional step, or just want to vastly improve your diving ability, this course is for you; be aware, however, that this is a fairly intensive course, that will challenge you both physically and mentally. As such, prepare to be incredibly satisfied by its end. 


This course is designed to enhance you not only as a diver, but as a leader, with the confidence to take charge of the multitude of diving situations you may find yourself encountering. Large emphasis is placed on strategies and techniques for group control, and mastering dive site navigation, operation preparation, dive planning, and public speaking, be it briefing, debriefing or communicating your sport in a professional manner.


Drawing upon the vast experience of the staff of instructors and dive professionals at Dive Spear Sport, who have both operated and worked across Australia and the world, you will find yourself in extremely capable hands. It is important to note that by enrolling, you are buying a course NOT a certification; you will be required first to demonstrate professional ability by conclusion of your class, be signed off by your instructor, and then purchase separately your active professional membership with SDI (your instructor will explain this process). 


  • eLearning Modules
  • Classroom Session 
  • Pool Session
  • 12x Ocean Training Dives


We offer Advanced Adventure Diver, Deep Diver, Rescue Diver, and Adult & Child Emergency / O2 Provider courses here at Dive Spear and Sport — click below to view our full course schedule, and see how you can get yourself ready for the start of your professional training!


EASY AS 1-2-3!

Satisfy Pre-Requisites

    • 1.  Min Age 18
    • 2.  Certified in the following: SDI Advanced Adventure Diver, SDI Rescue Diver, SDI Deep Diver, or equivalents
    • 3.  Able to demonstrate the following swimming ability: 800m swim w/ msf non-stop without the use of arms in <17min, and 400m swim, any stroke, non-stop, without the use of swimming aids, in <10min (goggles permitted)
    • 4.  Provide proof of current CPR, first aid and oxygen provider (course can be provided if required)
    • 5.  Proof of at least 40 logged dives (60 logged dives required for certification)