Get a diving education, not just a quick certification 

At Dive, Spear and Sport, we offer quality dive courses, understanding that continuing education is essential to safe diving practices. Continuing with your dive education will not only keep you motivated and interested, but will teach you safe diving practices, good technique and being a responsible diver. We MAKE SURE you are comfortable with your new skills before you complete your dive course. This is serious business… and we won’t certify you until you feel comfortable and we believe your competent in your new skills.


We have a range of great courses,and they are always growing. Here at Dive Spear and Sport, we are an SDI / TDI Centre and we tailor the courses to suit the challenging local environment you are diving in, the skills you will need to dive in it and tailor the teaching methods to the student. No archaic prescriptive teaching methods here. Plus, we go above and beyond the course requirements, to make sure you learn tons, feel comfortable in the water and most importantly, have fun!


Why choose an SDI / TDI Centre? 

SDI / TDI is an internationally recognised training organisation, focused on high standards in training at both a recreational and technical level. It can be easy to get caught up in the glitz and glamour marketing of other training organisations, but they are all governed by the same standards boards locally and internationally.

SDI / TDI takes a forward thinking approach to courses, offering  e-learning on many of it’s courses, flexible teaching methods and allows each centre to tweak their course to suit the local environment and market. Here at Dive Spear and Sport, we are based in a unique area on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, with some of the most beautiful coastline. However, our coast can offer harsh conditions. This makes it a fantastic training ground but means that a course tailored for the warm waters of Mexico would not be suited for diving in the sub-temperate waters of Sydney. This is what drew us to SDI / TDI. It allows us to go above and beyond normal course requirements, and teach you skills you will actually need that are relevant to your diving. We aren’t just about churning through numbers, but actually making you competent and confident divers.

All courses are equivalent across training organisations, and divers can jump between the various organisations and build their dive certifications and expertise, no problems! See the equivalent charts table below.