The ultimate underwater game this summer

combining diving, scavenger hunting and BINGO!


Discover all the beauty of your local NSW Dive Sites this summer, and play to win thousands in prizes including $1000 to spend on your dive gear, thanks to Submerged Nation!

Competition will run from 1 November 2020 to 30 April 2021. Terms and conditions will apply! 

Let’s play Dive Bingo! 


    1. Register

    Register for Dive BINGO with Dive Spear and Sport and receive your information pack. This will contain the run down, the rules, your dive site guide and of course the BINGO card. Dive BINGO is FREE to all Dive Spear and Sport dive members. Not a member? No worries, it’s a $49 fee to register, or otherwise why not consider becoming a member and getting the benefits? Our memberships are below.

    2. Dive!

    Get in the water and get diving! Use the information pack to help plan your attack on the BINGO card. Don’t forget to do some of the extra bonus activities to help you win the major prize. And keep those eyes peeled and cameras close by; you may be able to win by spotting something no one else does.

    Don’t forget to prepare for some curve balls that we may through you along the way.

    3. Win!

    Finish a line on the card and call DIVE BINGO! Or, gather some points and go for the major prize.

    There will be rules to claim, so be sure to read all the rules.


    What are you waiting for?

    Enquire below or get in touch with us in store on on the phone (02) 9999 3903 for more information and to register!

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