DSS 2.0 official open was a swimming success

Dive Spear and Sport 2.0 is now officially open with the launch day going down amazingly on the 13th April. We had a great day of pool fun and antics starting with try dives in the am, followed by a spearing competition in the arvo and drinks by the pool to finish the event.

The try dives were a great success as 18 people had some great fun getting out and trying Scuba Diving for the first times! The smiles on their faces said it all….

The spearing comp was an awesome success! The spearos were keen to get in the water, rocking up over an hour early to get in the pool. There was a bit of a line up, with over 40 people waiting to shoot for the Salvimar Hero gun that was up for grabs!

Huge congratulations goes To Ryan Becker, who shot a score of 200 to win the gun! An exciting end to the comp, to take top spot, Ryan needed to shoot a bullseye on this final shot, and he got it! Awesome work mate – well deserved!

We finished the afternoon with a few chilled drinks with staff and friends before wrapping up early evening.

We will continue to do some touch ups for the next week or so around the site and finish off the job. There are a few things still to be done, but overall we are pretty happy with our new site.

We are so excited about this new direction for Dive Spear and Sport, as it completely changes what we can offer to members of our diving, spearing and freediving communities. We can’t wait to roll out new programs and offerings, opening up a whole new world of training for the Northern Beaches area. Nothing like this facility exists, and we are so excited to be offering this type of model.

Huge thank you to all the awesome people who contributed to the build and the opening! The team here were amazing -Fabio, Joao, Clay and Matt who were all in the pool all day running the event. To Harry who came down to help us score, Shaun from Ubuild who provided us with this awesome pool and Dan and Jye from Danstruct – the awesome builders whose brain child this is.

Huge thanks go out to Spearfishing Australia and the team at Australian Underwater Products for sponsoring “The Spearo Games” by donating that epic prize! Be sure to get in soon and try a Salvimar Hero gun…. they are such an awesome gun and we will have them in stock very soon.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along, we look forward to having you at one of our upcoming pool days soon!

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